Be Present / Namaste / Breathe / Be Mindful Canvas Posters

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This collection of modern minimalist canvas posters can be mixed and matched to create a personalised mindful focus area in your home or office.  

The 'Be Present' Poster will help bring your focus back into the now.

The 'Namaste' Poster is a reminder that we are all one.  The translation of Namaste is, the soul within me greets the soul within you. 

The 'Be Mindful' Poster is a reminder to centre yourself.

The 'Breathe' Poster is a reminder to take a deep breathe. Deep and focused breathing can help to reduce stress and increase energy as more oxygen enters our lungs and bloodstream.

The posters are printed on white semi-gloss artists canvas using waterproof ink.  The posters are delivered in strong protective plastic tubing.  A Frame is not included. 

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